I’m so glad you’re here! This is a place where you will find hope, inspiration, and practical help for living with grace and purpose in the small, ordinary moments of life.


Come join us on this journey of learning to truly treasure the ordinary moments, practice the art of contentment, and grow in your faith as you learn alongside the rest of us who are learning to treasure Each Ordinary Moment.

I’m Cara, and I’m married to my sweetest friend, Paul. We have three lively boys, four cats (one indoor and three outdoor), and enough Lincoln Logs, Legos, and wooden train tracks to keep us busy for quite sometime. You can read more about our family here.

You’ll find a wide variety of content on this site, but the central theme of  EachOrdinaryMoment is encouraging and equipping women in their walk with Christ,  their art of homemaking, and their relationships with others. 

No matter where you find yourself spiritually right now, whether you’ve been a follower of Christ for years, or whether you don’t even know if there is a God, I pray that you will find hope and strength in this place, and that the love of God will shine through the words you read on this blog.

I love homemaking, but I also realize that it can feel like one of the most thankless, seemingly pointless jobs on the earth (case in point: that hamper that was empty just last evening is now brimming with unwashed clothes. And that room that was orderly just an hour ago? Well, it now looks like a tornado passed through. For the third time in one day!) I’m on a mission to find ways to make homemaking meaningful and just a little easier, and I’d love for you to come along with me!

One of the best parts of homemaking, in my estimation, is cooking up delicious meals that don’t take longer to make than they do to eat. So you’ll find an ever growing collection of our family’s favorite recipes to try out and share together with your loved ones.

As a mom to three young boys, two of whom have special needs, I know how tough the days can be, and how easy it is to feel discouraged and lonely in the nitty gritty of motherhood. I hope that if you are in need of renewed hope in your journey that you will find it in some of the articles I share from the things I am learning along the way in my own life. 

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