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20 Gift Ideas for Homeschool Moms

Here are some great gift ideas to show your wife, mom, daughter, or friend just how much you appreciate her hard work and dedication!

Whether it’s Christmas, Mothers’ Day, her birthday, or just because, here are some thoughtful gift ideas that will say “I love you and appreciate you so much.” (And bonus: they are all $30 or under, so they are doable for any budget!)

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you make a purchase through my links, I may receive a small commission (thank you!). 

  1. The gift of time. This doesn’t even have to cost anything. A coupon for free childcare (whether provided by you or hiring a sitter) can mean the world to a mom who rarely gets a quiet moment to herself. Make a fun handmade “coupon”, and specify what it is to be used for. Here are some ideas: For the booklover it could be “Good for two hours of quiet reading at the local library”,  for the homebody it could be “Good for an afternoon of the house to yourself”, or for the nature lover “Good for five nature walks alone”. You get the idea; be creative, and don’t be afraid to ask her ahead of time what would be her favorite thing to do if she had a free afternoon or evening.
  2. The gift of service. Homeschool moms wear a lot of hats and sometimes the sweetest gift could be as simple as a coupon for all the laundry washed, dried and put away by the rest of the crew, or if she is normally the one making dinner, a coupon for one night a week for the next month off kitchen duty, or another daily task that will be completed for her. Just make sure to truly follow through on the gift! 🙂
  3. The gift of (fun!) learning. She spends each day teaching her children, but have you heard her mention something that she was interested in learning about? Community colleges, craft stores, libraries or tons of online resources offer a wide variety of classes on just about anything you could imagine. Depending on the length of the class or the supplies needed, these could range from free to hundreds of dollars, so be creative and choose something that interest her and is within your budget.
  4. This book by Jamie Erickson will encourage her in her homeschooling journey! Written by a homeschool mom for other homeschool moms, this book is full of help and hope, and will encourage her in her homeschooling journey!
  5. A tote bag that is both pretty and durable, and also large enough to hold scads of supplies is a must!

6. Chocolate is always appreciated, especially when it is extra special, like this Mexican Chocolate!

7.  How cute  is  this  graphic shirt?! Perfect for celebrating all that she does every day!

8. Does your homeschool mom love her Instant Pot? If so, this cookbook, written by a homeschool mom, will be a wonderful addition to her mealtime planning arsenal!

9. This journaling Bible is absolutely beautiful! I’ve been using my journaling Bible for a few years now, and I love that I can write down my thoughts right in the lined margins and I don’t have to keep track of a separate notebook.

10. These pens are amazing! They are erasable, but don’t smear like the old school erasable pens I remember from years ago. I use mine in my journaling Bible as well as my planner, and they are truly incredible.

11. Gift cards are always a great idea. Find out what her favorite store or coffee shop is, and get her a gift card for that place. This idea works great in combination with idea #1!

12. This laminator  is probably the most practical item on this list, but trust me, it makes a homeschool mom’s life so much easier.

13. However, if you are giving her a super practical gift such as #12, you may want to pair it with something that is pure luxury, like this hand cream set.

14. An assortment of yummy teas is sure to brighter her day!

15. A pretty mug that will also keep her drink hot for as long as she needs is something she will definitely enjoy using!

16. This devotional is on my wish list! Sally Clarkson is a former homeschooling mom (her children are grown now), and she is passionate about helping women create lifegiving homes. This devotional will certainly be an encouragement to any homeschooling mom!

17. A budget planner designed especially for homeschoolers, this is a gift that is both pretty and practical.

18. Here’s another planner that is a little more spendy, but has some nice extras.

19. Sometimes a mom just needs to do something fun with paper, and this nifty book has 320 pages of paper just waiting to be torn out and turned into something crafty. How fun is that!

P.S. There is also a For the Love of Paper book for kids that looks amazing, and could keep little ones busy while everyone plays with paper!

20.Last but not least, here’s a cute little notebook with a sweet message on the cover.

I hope that this list has inspired you, and given you some great ideas for your favorite homeschool mom. Now what are you waiting for? Go show her a little love!

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